As an attractive and successful individual, you have many things to offer.  Yet the more you have to offer, the harder it is to find someone of the same caliber—someone who has just as much to offer as you.  We’ve seen it many times before, and this why you need a professional matchmaking and dating agency to help you find love.

The first-class New Jersey based matchmaking and introduction agency, New Jersey Singles, is dedicated to finding carefully selected candidates to meet exactly what you’re looking for in a partner.  Our company has become New Jersey’s premier matchmaking service and is highly sought out by successful professionals who are ready to find love and settle down.  Our passionate matchmakers provide a completely different approach to dating and have a unique philosophy to help clients find love.

Our exclusive relationship-oriented service helps New Jersey’s most elite singles find love without the usual headaches of conventional dating.  Through our professional matchmaking services, you will eliminate the headaches, fears, doubts, risks, and heartaches you would encounter with risky online dating sites and mobile dating apps.

There are many obstacles that can prevent you from finding a great relationship.  If you are a successful individual, then the lack of time is probably the first on your list.  But don’t worry, because New Jersey Singles takes the pressure off with a custom-tailored approach to matchmaking and our one-on-one dating coaching every step of the way.  Once you become one of our valued clients, you’ll receive a highly individualized service from beginning to end—a top notch service that is discreet, targeted, and proven to work.

We don’t accept singles who aren’t serious about dating.  All of our clients have made an investment in their love life so you know everyone is serious about dating and ready to welcome love into their life.  We provide a hands-on approach, give you valuable feedback after each introduction, and provide you dating coaching and support to help you achieve your relationship goals.

Who Are New Jersey Singles Clients?

Our clients here at New Jersey Singles are successful, attractive, and active individuals who are looking for true love—just like yourself.  Our clients have discerning tastes and aren’t willing to settle for less than they deserve.  They’re amazing singles who don’t have a problem dating, they’re just tired of dating the wrong people.  They don’t want to go on another date with Mr. or Mrs. Wrong.  They (and we) don’t do desperate!

Prospective clients come in for a free matchmaking consultation to ensure we’re a good fit for them and they’re a good fit for us.  All of our client and database information is kept private and secure.

New Jersey Singles Professional Matchmaking Overview

We lay the groundwork for successful relationships for discerning singles who are searching for a meaningful and long-lasting relationship.  We specialize in helping single executives, managers, lawyers, doctors, and busy professionals who don’t have time to look for dates on their own.  We also help retirees who are looking to share the best years of their life with someone special.

As New Jersey’s premier matchmaking agency, you can expect our professional matchmaking services to be top notch.  Our dedicated matchmakers will pull out all stops to help you find true love.  We won’t stop until you land your ideal relationship.

New Jersey Singles Is Committed to Helping You Find Love

Here at New Jersey Singles, we’re prepared to pull out all stops to help you find a meaningful relationship—more than any other matchmaking services around, we focus on finding individually selected candidates to fulfill what you’re looking for in a partner.  We are not an online dating service—we are a personal matchmaking service that will find you true love in a discreet and personal manner.  We ensure a confidential, private, and highly personalized service to help our valued clients date like they deserve.

How the Process Works

  • We offer you a free, one-on-one matchmaking consultation where we will screen you and get to know you better.  We want to learn what you’re looking for in a partner so we can customize a personal dating strategy to help you achieve your dating goals.  This private consultation also gives you the opportunity to get to know your personal matchmaker.


  • Then, on your behalf, our professional matchmakers will begin a search through our extensive New Jersey Singles database, and we won’t stop until we find someone we know you’ll be compatible with.  We utilize our proven 72 point compatibility assessment to ensure compatibility with your introductions.


  • Once we select and screen a suitable match for you, we will send you on an awesome introduction with an attractive, successful, and commitment-ready individual who is ready to meet you.


  • After your date, we will debrief the both of you (and it’s not as scary as it sounds).  We call this the post-date assessment, something we heavily rely on and clients value and appreciate.  Within a few days, you’ll get feedback from our professional matchmakers where we will tell you how things went and if the feeling was mutual.  We don’t just cross our fingers and hope for love to spark—we follow through and gather feedback to ensure the highest quality matches and increase the chances of finding your perfect match.


New Jersey Singles Professional Matchmaking vs. Online Dating Sites

In today’s fast-paced world, meeting your perfect partner is very difficult.  For most people, their demanding career and busy schedule make dating feel like mission impossible.  Working professionals, entrepreneurs, and single parents, don’t have time to look for love on their own, and retirees don’t know where to look.  With the invention of online dating sites, one would think finding love would be as simple as pressing a button.  However, although it is convenient (and marketed as fast & easy), there are many pitfalls and risks associated with online dating.  People embellish, lie, and take advantage of serious love seekers in the online dating world.  Matchmaking services, like New Jersey Singles, have been around longer than online dating sites and provide a much different approach to dating.  Our matchmakers are dedicated and passionate about bringing like-minded singles together—we take dating to the next level.  When you hire our matchmaking services, you can expect the following:

1. Personalized Attention

When you join our matchmaking service, you’ll receive personal attention from the moment you walk into our office.  You’ll be assigned a personal matchmaker and dating expert who will get to know you on a person basis to help you find the partner you’re looking for.  In other words, you’ll have a best friend by your side who will look for potential candidates for you.

With an online dating site, you’re left to fend for yourself.  Everything is on you—you have to create your own profile, market your best qualities, upload photos, browse thousands of online dating profiles, send messages in hopes of getting a good response, and respond to those who message you, which could be a lot of undesirable candidates just browsing around to see what’s out there—or worse, those who are only looking for a casual thing.  This is not only time-consuming but overwhelming and frustrating for many people, especially mature singles who aren’t familiar with the online world.

2. Matches Are Handpicked Just for You

With our professional matchmaking service, you’ll receive handpicked matches based on what you desire in a partner.  Our matchmakers use their years of experience and skills to weed out unfit candidates and only introduce you to people you’re compatible with.

When you sign up for an online dating site, it’s up to you to determine if someone is a good fit for you, and how can you do that if you don’t know them?  People lie, use outdated photos, and misrepresent themselves in their profiles and through correspondence.  Beyond being time-consuming and overwhelming, online dating is risky.  Since there are no screening or background checks in place, anyone can sign up online, which means you have no idea who you’re really talking to, where they’re from, what their intentions are, or if they are who they say they are and if they’re even legally able to date.  Again, without a verification process, you could be talking to someone who is already in a long-term relationship or even married.

When you hire New Jersey Singles, you’ll get peace of mind knowing that everyone has undergone and extensive background and screening process to ensure they’re fit to date our valued clients.

3. It’s Cost Efficient

With our professional matchmaking service, you’re simply paying a onetime fee.  Our matchmakers will provide you with introductions based on your desires and interests.  Think of all the money you waste on fruitless dates with people you have nothing in common with, think about all the time you spend browsing online.  That’s time and money you can save if you join our professional matchmaking service.

Our professional matchmakers will hand-select matches specifically for you.  We will interview clients and find the match that is perfectly suited for you.

Why New Jersey Singles Is Better

Here at New Jersey Singles, we stand apart from other matchmaking services in New Jersey.  When you join our highly exclusive service, you’ll receive the help of New Jersey’s most successful matchmakers.  We will save you a lot of time and efforts and find the best suited partner for you to enjoy your life with.

If you want to enjoy the process of dating without experiencing the pitfalls of online dating sites, or if you simply want to increase your chances of finding love, give us a call at 1 (888) 417-0020 today to reserve your complimentary consultation with one of our professional matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles.  We are ready and eager to hear from you and help you find the love you deserve!