Do you remember life before smart phones came along?  Long gone are the days where we look forward.  Now everyone is looking down on their phones all day long.  As matchmakers, we know how important our smart phones are; after all, we do use them for every aspect of our lives, from paying bills, reserving tables at restaurants, and even ordering our weekly groceries.  Now people think they can use their cell phones to find love.  Welcome mobile dating apps!

While mobile dating apps might seem like the perfect solution to the age-old problem of finding true love, it brings on a whole new set of complications that many singles in NJ are experiencing today.  With an endless supply of potential candidates to swipe through, it’s easy for people to fall into the pattern of “Swipe & go.”  In other words, they don’t get to know people beyond their profile pictures.

Having dating apps have their days?  Is there a better way to meet singles in New Jersey?  Absolutely! It’s time for you to ditch your smart phone and try the best way to find love in New Jersey, through a professional matchmaker.

Even if you’re not working with a matchmakers, there are still plenty of ways to date and find love.  Really, you can search for love every day of your life, so let us show you how.

1. Take More Risks

Have you ever considered that perhaps you’re still single today because you like to play things safe?  Well, it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and venture out more.  Try dating someone you normally wouldn’t go for, say yes to a fun date idea, or just muster up the courage to talk to someone on the street.  Of course, it’s true that taking risks means putting your heart on the line, and maybe getting rejected from time to time, but it’s the best way to find love (the only way).

2. Volunteer

People volunteer for many reasons.  The first reason that comes to mind is because they have a big heart and want to give back to the community.  But did you know that volunteering is also a fabulous way to meet like-minded people?  Stepping out of your comfort zone and immersing yourself in a new experience is not only refreshing, but will put you in contact with other people with a passion like yours.  These people share your passion of helping those in need, so you can be sure you’re dating someone who is kind and caring, just like you!

3. Get Social

Oh, no, we’re not talking about social media here.  We’re talking about actually making an effort to be social with people.  Learn to say yes to party invitations and you’ll soon find yourself meeting all types of people who could potentially be romantic interests.  If you routinely go from the office to your home after work and don’t do anything but stick to your routine, you’re going to have a hard time meeting new people.

Say yes to those happy hour drinks, work seminars, and get togethers you always turn down.  Why?  Because they provide you the perfect opportunity to chat and mingle with others.  Not only will being social help you improve your social skills, but having mutual friends and mutual interests will make it easier to strike up a conversation and spark a connection.

4. Hire Us!

Perhaps the best way to find love in a digital world is through a matchmaker, AKA old school Cupids.

If you’re truly fed up with dead-end mobile dating apps, then a matchmaking service like ours is what your dating life needs.  Our matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles will spend time assessing your wants and needs and find a match that complements you in every way.

Hiring a matchmaker is considered to be the safest and most direct route without the inconveniences and doubts of modern dating.

If you’re serious about finding love in New Jersey, sign out of that mobile dating app and call our matchmakers today!  Call 1 (888) 417-0020 and request your FREE in-depth matchmaking consultation to find out how we can help you find love today!