New Jersey Singles Dating Service is the leading matchmaking agency in New Jersey that caters to successful professionals looking for love.  Those who want love, partnership, and someone to start a future with turn to our matchmaking services every day.  Many people who search for love on their own get frustrated and burnt out because dating can feel hopeless and complicated when you’re looking for the real thing.

Many singles turn to modern ways of dating with hopes of finding the one, but after so many bad dates and disappointments, they realize that professional matchmaking is the way to go.  So get ready as our professional matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles show you the real reasons so many singles in NJ turn to matchmaking today.

Matchmaking in 2017

What does matchmaking even mean?  Well, simple: It means your chances of finding love are much greater than with modern ways of dating.  It means that we don’t rely on computer algorithms or dating apps to match people.  We are an old school matchmaking service that relies on compatibility and common interests to match clients.  Our matchmakers bring singles with similar interests, aspirations, beliefs, and goals together, then we let chemistry do the rest.

You see, this is what we’re passionate about!  We get to know our clients, figure out who they are, what they want in a partner, who they’re likely to hit it off, give them the dating tools and expert advice needed, then make the perfect match.  We pull them away from their computers and cell phones and bring them back into the real world, where they’re more likely to find love.

The Problems with Modern Dating Avenues

Online dating sites and mobile dating apps are here, and, unfortunately, they’re likely to stay.  But for many serious singles in NJ, they simply don’t work.  Busy professionals spend many hours of their day browsing for dates online than they do in real life.  They waste their time.  You could be standing alongside your future guy at the grocery store or sitting beside her on the train, but because you have your head stuck in your phone (swiping on Tinder), you’re missing your real life chances at love.

As professional matchmakers, we know that customer satisfaction for online dating sites is at an all-time low.  It’s true, because people waste a lot of their time and money only to be disappointed.  You put a lot of time into messaging men or women who have no intentions of meeting you, people who simply pick someone else whose picture looked better than yours.

Dating apps don’t even feel like dating anymore.  It’s like an adult computer game—a brutal game where your heart and confidence are on the line.  Unfortunately, it seems like it’s a game that’s here to stay because it gives people the opportunity to find local hookups in one quick swipe.

Why Matchmaking Is So Popular

Are you feeling frustrated with modern ways of dating? Are you disappointed with online dating sites and mobile dating apps?  Has it gotten to the point where striking up a conversation with someone feels downright weird?  How do we break down these walls and help you date again?  It’s simple!  You need to let our professional matchmakers get you back to real life dating where you can make a meaningful connection with someone.

So who is your hero?  Our matchmakers, because we will do the hard part of dating for you and only introduce you to compatible singles you’re likely to hit it off with.  It’s time you get off your computer and put the phone down to try something that has been working for centuries.  It’s time we take a step forward—into real world dating—because online dating sites and mobile dating apps are not the only tool on your belt.  You have other tools available today.  That’s right, you have our dedicated matchmakers to help you out!

If you’re single and looking to meet relationship-minded singles in NJ, contact our matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service today.  Simply fill out the private form at the top of the page to reserve your FREE matchmaking consultation today.