Ahh, those New Year’s resolutions are almost here… That’s right, all those things you look forward to on January 1st.  You’re excited and determined to accomplish them and think this year will finally be the year you tackle them one by one.  But then life gets in the way.  Late nights at work start to increase, everyday responsibilities pile up, and family obligations take over all your free time.  Your dating resolutions get put on the backburner, just like years before.

Here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service, we want you to make your dating resolutions finally come true this year.  But in order to do that, you must change your daily habits and reprioritize, no matter how hard it seems.  We’re here to help you do just that.  Today, New Jersey Singles reviews the ultimate dating resolutions to finally find the loving relationship you’ve been looking for all these years.

1. Cancel Tinder

Being able to swiftly swipe right and left after judging people based on nothing but looks might seem intriguing at first, but it gets shallow and played out after a while.  If you want to find real love in the coming year, you cannot judge people based on appearances alone and rely on dating apps to play matchmaker for you.  How many Tinder dates have you gone on so far?  How many of them were good candidates?  Were any of them serious about dating?

People on shallow dating apps are not the type of people who are looking to settle down, so do yourself a favor and stop Tinder cold turkey in 2017.

2. Maintain a Positive Dating Attitude

After all these months with no luck in love, you might be letting your disappointments and frustrations get the best of you.  Have you become a dating pessimist?  Do you believe all the good ones are taken, or that you’ll never find the one you’re meant to be with?

Here at New Jersey Singles, we know this pessimistic attitude will never help you find love.  We want you to change your romantic mindset this year.  The new year gives you a clean slate to come back to dating feeling refreshed.  Stay positive about your romantic life and you’ll see a huge difference.  The people you meet will pick up on your attitude so you must be portraying a positive one.  We know that dating is difficult, and although it might feel like you’ll never find love, we know it’s just around the corner.

3. Stop Giving So Many Chances

You shouldn’t give people so many chances in dating.  Once or twice, maybe it can be overlooked, but it’s time to let them go after that.  If they’re not able to get their act together, they don’t deserve a third chance with you.  Basically, if you feel like you’re being taken advantage of, it’s time to walk away.  As the old saying goes, “Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.”

4. Don’t Date Emotionally Unavailable People

Everyone is guilty of committing this mistake at one point or another.  People tend to believe they can change others, but here’s the shocking news for you: you cannot change anyone.  You cannot make someone available for dating if they don’t want to be in a committed relationship.  You cannot change someone no matter what you do.  Make one of your 2017 dating resolutions not to go after people who are emotionally unavailable for you.  Save yourself the time, hassle, and heartache in 2017.

5. Stop Analyzing Everything

Yes, we know that you just want to read into everything and figure it all out.  But over-analyzing everything about the relationship is going to drive you crazy.  What are they trying to say?  Why didn’t they put a smiley face at the end of their text?  Why didn’t they answer your call?  Why didn’t they call you back within a certain timeframe?  Now, think about how much less stressful life would be if you stopped over-analyzing everything.  Resolve to stop over-analyzing in 2017 and watch how much better your dating life gets.

6. Date Outside Your Type

Whether you always go for skinny blond women or tall, dark, and handsome men, let go of that type.  Stop being so closed-minded with your dates and watch how much more fun it is to date outside your type.  You never know who will be the one for you, and as the saying goes, love is always found in the most unexpected places and in the most unexpected packages.  But you’ll never find it if you always stick to the same type.

7. Try Our Matchmaking Services

If you have been stuck in a mobile dating and online dating rut, it’s time to escape and try something different in the new year.  With so many dating options to choose from, you might as well try a new one, especially when everything else has failed you.

Our professional matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles are here to make your dating life easier.  We can introduce you to quality singles in New Jersey who have been prescreened, rigorously vetted, and are ready for a serious relationship.  It’s time to finally let go of Tinder, POF, and Match for once and for all.  It’s time to outsource your dating life to our matchmaking experts in the new year.

Are you ready to find love in 2017?  Then it’s time to really do something about it and put yourself out there.  Book a complimentary consultation with our expert matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service by filling out the private survey at the top of the page and mentioning that you heard about New Jersey Singles from this awesome blog!