inder, a popular dating app, has been a blessing in the sky.  Wait, what?  Yes, it is absolutely is a blessing for people who are looking for quick hookups and casual encounters.  This is exactly why serious singles looking for love in New Jersey will run into problems if they’re using Tinder as a way to find it.

Tinder, the popular dating app that’s a hit with the younger crowd, is a very superficial app that forces you to judge others simply on outside appearances.

Many who have already downloaded the app on the search for love have discovered firsthand why Tinder just doesn’t going to cut it.  If you’re getting ready to download the dating app yourself, let our matchmakers show you why Tinder isn’t meant for relationship-minded singles.  Read on as New Jersey Singles reviews the reasons why Tinder and other popular dating apps will not lead to real love.

1. They mislead you.

Tinder basically relies on looks, misleading you along the way.  Those who use Tinder to meet local singles solely rely on outside appearances and skip over anyone who isn’t a 10.  On Tinder, people will only swipe to those who are beautiful, have big blue eyes, big muscles, long legs, and chiseled six pack abs.  But just like you, hundreds have already swiped to them, too.  Tinder forces people to focus on what’s not important, looks.

Here at New Jersey Singles, we are passionate about making compatible matches based on core values, hobbies and interests, lifestyles, life goals, and relationship expectations.  In short, we know a meaningful relationship can’t be based on looks alone.

2. It requires a lot of time.

Maybe you could find love on Tinder, but it will take a long time.  Swiping right and meeting people requires a lot of time and dedication that many busy professionals just don’t have.  As a successful person, you probably have a lot of things going on in your life, leaving you with little time to yourself.  The precious time you do have, you don’t want to waste dating the wrong type of people.  Where are you going to find time when you already devote a lot of time to your career, friends, and family?

The chances of finding someone who compatible with you and shares the same relationship expectations on a dating app saturated with singles looking for hookups is are very slim.

3. People aren’t there for the right reasons.

Do you think everyone on Tinder is looking for love—like you?  Think again!  Almost everyone who uses Tinder uses it because they know what comes from it—quick and casual encounters.  We’ve said it many times before: although Tinder quickly connects you with local singles, it’s not love.  People who frequent Tinder are not looking for meaningful relationships but rather easy hookups.

Why Professional Matchmakers Lead to Real Love

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