Here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service, we have been working in the matchmaking industry for nearly three decades, covering four locations in New Jersey.  Our specialty here is to help affluent single men and women find the partner of their dreams.  If there is one mistake we keep seeing again and again, its love seeking singles turning to online dating sites and mobile dating apps.

As professional matchmakers, we know one thing for sure: online dating sites and dating apps aren’t for everyone.  If you’re a successful, high-profile professional, then a high-end matchmaking service like New Jersey Singles will be ideal for you.  But if you’re not sold just yet, don’t worry.  Today, our matchmakers are going to review why your dating life needs a matchmaker to assist you on your journey to real love.

1. You have a reputation to maintain.

Let’s face it, as a successful professional, you have a high reputation to maintain.  It is very important to keep a distance from your employees, clients, and other business associates.  The fact is, online dating sites and dating apps open a window into people’s private lives.  Your picture could end up in the wrong hands.  Workplace gossip or inappropriate advances could creep up if someone comes across your dating profile online.  The last thing you want is for your professional contacts to know your personal life.

2. Your time is valuable.

We’re sure we don’t have to tell you this one, but your time is the most valuable resource you have in today’s fast-paced and demanding world.  If you have tried Tinder or online dating sites, you already know how frustrating it is to search, screen, correspond, and arrange dates with complete strangers.  With online dating sites, you have to do this many times in hopes of creating a connection and finding love.

Busy men and women don’t want to waste their precious time searching for love online, and this is why you need a matchmaker to do the searching for you.  Here at New Jersey Singles, we do the groundwork for you, and all you have to do is show up to enjoy an exceptional date that was carefully screened and hand-selected just for you.

3. Every client is screened and qualified.

Dating sites and mobile dating apps attract the bottom of the barrel.  Here at New Jersey Singles, we attract successful professionals who are ready and eager to be in a relationship.  We are responsible for thousands of successful introductions, hundreds of marriages, and countless happy love stories.  The key to our success lies in our thorough screening and qualification process.

Unlike online dating sites and mobile dating apps that allow everyone to join, we don’t work like that.  In fact, we are so strict that only qualified singles can make it to our services.

4. Saves a lot of money.

Professional singles in New Jersey appreciate the amount of money they save when they work with our matchmakers.  Instead of investing time and money on 20 wasteful dates that lead nowhere, our clients enjoy exceptional dates with like-minded individuals.  After years of dating online or through mobile dating apps, singles learn that bad dates can get quite costly.

Here at New Jersey Singles, we save you time, money, and energy by matching you with compatible singles who are close to you.  These qualified singles share the same values and core beliefs as you, so you won’t waste your hard-earned money on another bad date.

5. It’s just like any other professional.

Let’s face it, as a successful professional, you hire other professionals to help you in many aspects of your life, right?  Of course, we all turn to the experts to help us when we need it.  So why not hire the professionals to help you find love?  Your dating life needs help and there’s no better place to turn than a professional matchmaking service.  When it comes to matters of the heart, your friends and family—despite their best intentions—don’t know what they’re doing.

Experienced matchmakers, like ours here at New Jersey Singles, will work by your side to help you discover any dating roadblocks or red flags.  Our team of expert matchmakers and relationship coaches will help you find better dates with compatible people you’re likely to hit it off with, saving you frustrations you would otherwise encounter on your own.

In our nearly 30 years of operations, we have created a solid reputation for serving New Jersey singles with a database of dateable professionals who are ready to meet you.

6. You meet like-minded people with ease.

When you meet singles through online dating sites and mobile dating apps, it’s up to you to discover if you have anything in common.  Chances are, you won’t.  When you date through a professional matchmaking service, you’ll meet like-minded and compatible singles who are ready for a committed relationship.

Here at New Jersey Singles, we match singles according to things that really matter, such as lifestyle, attitude, values, and goals.  Our goal has and will always be to provide clients with the best dates.  In our nearly 30 years of operations, we have left clients pleasantly surprised with how well we connect them with like-minded individuals.  Our matchmakers truly get it, call it matchmaking intuition.

7. You deserve a worry-free dating life.

Don’t date a nobody on an online dating site or mobile dating app.  When it comes to your dating life, you deserve the best—a worry-free dating experience.  If you’re ready to date frustration-free, there is no better place to turn than New Jersey Singles Dating Service, the most reputable matchmaking service in New Jersey.

It’s here, 2017 is here, so let’s make this a successful year for your romantic life.  New Jersey Singles offers a complimentary consultation, so stop waiting and start dating like you deserve today!  Call 1 (888) 417-0020 or fill out the private form at the top of the page to reserve your FREE matchmaking consultation today!