Dating is hard enough on its own.  Add a demanding career into the mix and you have a recipe for a headache.  You’re looking for a compatible partner, not a one night stand or casual thing.  Therefore, dating is going to get a lot harder for you.  You are a mature woman who is looking for true love in a fast-paced world, so where do you turn?  Is hiring a New Jersey matchmaking service the right choice for your love life?

Today, New Jersey Singles reviews why busy professional women need matchmaking expertise for a timesaving and risk-free way of dating and meeting compatible singles in NJ.

1. You’re not looking for something casual.

As matchmakers, we know that it takes a few dates to get comfortable enough with someone to bring up hot topics of conversation, such as children, politics, and religion.  You got it, you know what we’re talking about here, right?  We’re talking about all those touchy topics you don’t bring up on a first date when you want to land a second.  The last thing you want to do is scare off a great prospect by asking his views on marriage and children before the meal even gets to the table.

But at the same time, you aren’t getting any younger.  You don’t have time to waste dating people who aren’t looking for a serious relationship, so you want to know where they stand right away.  Our matchmaking experts solve that problem because we’ll only introduce you to people who share the same ambitions and relationship goals as you.

2. You’re single but have no time to date.

Many successful single women in New Jersey are simply too busy to date.  As a successful woman, your career requires a lot of your time and energy.  It’s safe to say that the last thing you want to do after a busy work week is head out the crowded bar on Friday night and bump into the same people you see every weekend.  And let’s be honest, we know those regulars aren’t really the people you want to date.

And just when you think you found the ultimate solution to your dating life, you quickly realize that your quick & easy dating solution (online dating) is also extremely time-consuming.  You spent many weekends browsing through thousands of profiles, sending messages and getting no responses, and going on horrible dates with men who looked nothing like their photos.  In fact, online dating has done nothing more than wasted your time.

Our matchmaking experts can help you date by doing the hard part of dating for you.  Our matchmakers will only present you with carefully screened candidates who fulfill everything you’re looking for in a man.  Our clients are attractive, successful, relationship-minded men who are also looking for love.

3. You can’t find men who want to settle down.

Even if you are an attractive woman who has no problem getting a date on her own, meeting Mr. Right is hard to do.  You meet men everywhere you go: in the morning while grabbing your hot cup of Joe, at happy hour while chitchatting with your gal pals, and even at the gym when getting your sweat on.  But once you get to know them, you quickly realize that they don’t want to settle down.  So what can you do to avoid wasting your time?  Turn to a matchmaking service like ours.

All our clients are serious singles who have invested their time, energy, and money in to finding love.  They’re 100% serious about settling down, just like you.

4. What you’ve been doing is just not working out.

If you were in a happy relationship, then you wouldn’t be on this dating blog right now, right?  Think about it this way: if your stove wasn’t working, you would call an expert to repair it.  If your refrigerator broke down, you would call an expert to come look at it.  So why should your love life be any different?  Our professional matchmakers here at New Jersey Singles Dating Service can fix your dating problems.  There is no reason for you to keep wasting your time or risk being single forever.

Are you ready to start now?  Take that first step towards finding that special man by requesting a FREE matchmaking consultation with New Jersey’s #1 matchmaking service.  Call 1 (888) 417-0020 to join us now!